Now Accepting Reservations at our NYC Restaurant

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World Famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Adored by celebrities and creatives alike, our Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is a staple in NYC’s dessert community. Our fantastic blend of 14 signature cocoas is now available to be made from the comfort of your own home Carmel Chocolate White Hot Chocolate Frrozen Hot Chocolate 

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Expanded Product Curation

We’ve recieved feedback and learned that customers wanted more Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Items aside from the typical drink. This is why we are expanding our collection and offering more. Bars Packets Magnets   

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Gift Bundles

The Perfect Gift For All Occasions - Send a Gift, Free Shipping on all orders!  Gift Bundle, SERENDIPITY 3 TIFFANY LAMPSHADE MUG, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Canister Bundle – 4 PACK

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